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The primary purpose of the Errants is protection. A fleet is dispatched with every city-ship in order to protect the inhabitants. On occasion, the fleet may be sent out to raid lightly defended resource depots or to bring justice to those who don’t provide the proper courtesy and respect the Adobians demand and deserve.

The city-ship Lapis began a trading expedition across frontier territory controlled by New Hong Kong Federation. The NHKF is a stable presence in this part of space with moderately sized holdings though with a sizeable amount of raw materials and asteroids. What they lack in sophistication and technology they make up for in number and tenacity. Lapis set course on an announced trade meeting with one of the NHKF’s main worlds. The council aboard Lapis voted to send its Errants on a mission to investigate an asteroid belt on the fringes of NHKF space.

Mission One: Lapis Errants in Tsu’s Belt

Adobian Technology: Ships: Long Range Frigate Battlecruiser Destroyer Lead Battleship Support Carrier

Main Page

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